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Our Top Priorities

Mobilize 2 Million Tree Farmers

  • 2 million farming families participating means prosperity for 12 MILION people
  • On average each farmer will plant 2500 trees on their land

Planting of 5 Billion Trees

  • The main priority focus will be on planting in developing countries. There are lots of lands available, cost of planting is low, and the positive impact on well being of farmers and their families is enormous
  • 2 million farmers x 2500 trees per farmers = 5 billion trees

Forest Conservation

Each farmer will be clustered in groups together with other farmers nearby, they will be empowered and paid to act as wild forest guardians for nearby forest locations

20 Million Fuel Efficient Cookstoves

  • Fuel-efficient cookstoves will reduce the need for firewood to cook by 90%
  • Cost of a cookstove is just 10 Euro and can be produced by the farmers themselves
  • Each of “our” 2 million farmer families will assist with the production of a minimum of 10 cookstoves, and provide training to 10 other families how to use them

Technology Solutions

  • Create full transparency
  • Eliminate expensive organizations and many middlemen by direct implementation via local farmers
  • Eliminate bank fees, reduce cost by up to 80% because farmers receive sponsorship funding directly on their smartphones
  • Enable peer-2-peer communication between sponsors and farmers

How Does 180 Earth Work

Experienced researchers locate high potential small landowners, farmer families who are interested to participate in tree planting
Farmer gets instruction, contract and mobile phone for communication
You sponsor tree planting plus a small monthly fee for maintenance and support to top up income of the farmer and his/her family members
The app sends planting money directly to farmers, followed by symbolic weekly salaries for maintenance
Farmers share monthly status pictures to organization and sponsors
180 Earth monitors: location, purchase, labor, maintenance
180 Earth assists farmers and makes them guardians for maintenance for 5 years
After 5 years the farmers own the full-grown healthy tree park.

Malawi Tree Planting & Clean Cookstove Projects makes ‘think globally-act locally’ actually happen. Check out our tree planting project in Malawi, Africa.

  • Malawi lost 94% of its forest because of the huge need for firewood
  • The Government needs help to reforest 11 million hectares of available land
  • Our partner, Ripple Africa has already planted 20 million trees past years
  • 180 Earth started planting in January 2020 & has the vision to plant 180 million trees in Malawi during the next 5 year
  • 180 Earth has the vision to install 250.000 clean cookstoves during the next 5 years in Malawi, to prevent the need to cut down trees